Greta Ayto, 23,  is a Cornish artist based in South Wales. Greta is a recent graduate from the University of South Wales Art Practice BA and is also a resident artist and workshop assistant at Baseart Ceramic Studio, Taffs Well.

 Specialising in figurative ceramics and mixed media, her  work focuses on the human condition and modern day issues such as consumerism, celebrity culture and our tendency to create 'human zoos' to categorise those that don't fit into social norms. Inspired by  African masks and artists such as Picasso, Matthew Monahan and Thomas Houseago, Greta aims to form a link between her 2d and 3d languages.

Using a variety of clay bodies (stoneware, terracotta and white earthenware), Greta uses handbuilding and flat slabs to abstract the figure into exaggerated forms.  A mixture of  fired and unfired pieces are then combined with mixed media components such as plaster, cardboard, wire, collage and drawn elements to create playful displays inspired by Anna Boghiguian and Geoffrey Farmer.

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